Cooperativa Agricoltori Vallata di Levanto

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The Cooperativa Agricoltori Vallata di Levanto was founded in 1978 in order to contrast the progressive neglect of the olive groves and vineyards, thus helping to preserve a beautiful yet difficult territory.

The Cooperativa Agricoltori Vallata di Levanto makes wine and oil from grapes and olives harvested around the towns of the Riviera Spezzina bordering the Cinque Terre National Park – Levanto, Bonassola, Framura, Deiva Marina – and produces the Colline di Levanto wine, which was given the D.O.C. (Controlled Designation of Origin) recognition in August of 1995; extra virgin olive oil from the native Razzola cultivar, and other typical products.

The territory

The territory is generally uneven and steep. Over the centuries, terraces were created on the sides of the mountains and olive trees and vines were planted. The area has been producing wine for centuries now. As far back as in 1242, the notary Ursone di Vernazza, in his poem about the battle between Genoa and Emperor Federico II, would describe Levanto as “an amiable place planted with vines and fruit plants of all sorts”. This tradition has persisted over the centuries and continues today in the work of many small farmers, tenacious caretakers of a territory in which most of the work is still done by hand due to the geomorphological features of the region.

Wine and olive oil

The Cooperativa Agricoltori Vallata di Levanto produces a white D.O.C. wine called “Lievàntu”, which has a delicate, lingering fragrance and a slightly bitter aftertaste, typical of the wines from Eastern Liguria, a finest-selection white wine called “Costa di Legnà”, the “Canuetred D.O.C. wine, characterised by a dry and delicately harmonious flavour. The production of I.G.T. wines and, in particular, of red and white raisin wines which follow the tradition of the “meditation” wines (wines to be enjoyed on their own, after dinner, unaccompanied by food) is limited in terms of quantity, but excellent in terms of quality, which is the result of skilled growing methods and modern wine-making techniques.

The Cooperativa Agricoltori Vallata di Levanto has a modern olive press with two production lines for obtaining quality oil through separate processing, cold pressing, and also offers the possibility of preparing organic olive oil. It produces an “Extra Virgin Olive Oil” and an “D.O.P. Extra Virgin Olive Oil” (Riviera Ligure and Riviera di Levante Designation of Protected Origin), which are characterised by a sweet flavour, a delicate aroma and an intense bouquet, and are both cold pressed.

The Cooperativa Agricoltori Vallata di Levanto provides its members with technical assistance and various agricultural products.

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