Our cooperative was founded in Levanto in 1978 thanks with the aim of counteracting the progressive abandonment of farmland in the area started in the second half of 1900.

Today, it has nearly 200 members, of which half contribute their grapes, olives, citrus fruits, and honey to be made into the cooperative’s products.

We make wine and extra virgin olive oil from produce grown within the towns of the Riviera di Levante next to the "Cinque Terre National Park”. Our main products are the D.O.C. (D.P.O. - Designation of Protected Origin) Colline di Levanto white and red wine – a prestigious recognition obtained in 1995 – the extra virgin olive oil, also made in a small-batch D.P.O. selection from native Razzòla variety olives, and other regional products.


Our members operate along the coastal strip that stretches westward from Levanto through the neighbouring towns of Bonassola, Framura and Deiva Marina.

The heart of our business is in the Valley of Levanto. Production and trade of wine and olive oil in the valley and beyond, via land and sea, have been documented for centuries here. Over time, generations of farmers created terraces on the sides of the mountains, built stonewalls to support them, and planted the newly created plots with vines, olive trees, and other crops: a strenuous and heroic maintenance and farming work that is still carried out mostly by hand.



Our products include:

  • D.P.O. Colline di Levanto and I.G.T. Riviera di Levante white wines, red wines, and raisin wines 
  • Extra virgin and D.P.O Riviera di Levante olive oil
  • Marmalades - Lemon and Orange from organic citrus fruits
  • Olives in brine with Mediterranean herbs
  • Honeys from acacia, heather, chestnut flowers, and wildflowers
  • Grappas and limoncino

Moreover, a wide range of regional specialities such as pesto, walnut sauce, olive paté, olives in olive oil, salted anchovies, anchovies in olive oil, local pasta and organic Val di Vara cheese is available for purchase and tasting at our shop in Via S. Matteo 20, Località Le Ghiare in Levanto.



We strive to make wines that are respectful of the traditional methods whilst making the best use of modern and advanced winemaking techniques. 

We employ a few indigenous grape varieties, either blended or in purity. These are:

  • Albarola, Vermentino and Bosco for white wines;
  • Sangiovese, Merlot, Ciliegiolo and Syrah for red wines.

The extra virgin olive oil is obtained from olives of the Razzòla variety, indigenous to Eastern Liguria.

Our production facility includes a modern olive oil mill suited for processing in batches and organic oil making. The olive oil is cold-pressed using mechanical processes within 24 hours of the harvest. It is never filtered, it only gets clarified over time through decantation.

Our olives in brine with Mediterranean herbs and the orange and lemon marmalades are local specialties prepared the traditional way, according to ancient recipes.

Our grappas are distilled from the pomace of our D.P.O. wines, and limoncino is made using local, organic lemons conferred by our members.

Honeys are made locally by skillful beekeepers, come in various flavours of Mediterranean shrub, trees and flowers, which are telling of the extraordinary biodiversity of the area.

We also proudly make a traditional raisin wine and D.P.O. extra virgin olive oil. These are limited productions of outstanding quality.

The raisin wine-making follows an ancient local tradition: the best bunches are selected and handpicked to be then left to air-dry for 2 months on racks prior to be carefully hand-shelled and pressed. Our D.P.O. Riviera Ligure - Riviera di Levante extra virgin olive oil is made using the finest olives coming exclusively from registered olive groves, and it has to fulfill strict criteria in terms of chemical, physical and organoleptic characteristics.

The Cooperative provides its members with technical assistance and agricultural supplies.