Lievàntu “Legnà”

Lievàntu “Legnà” D.P.O.

11,00 €

The Lievàntu "Legnà" D.O.C. white wine is a blend of selected Albarola, Vermentino, Bosco grapes grown on the sun-drenched hillsides around Legnaro, one of Levanto’s hamlets, on the Eastern side of the Valley of Levanto.

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The unique qualities of the old grapevines of Albarola grown on steep, sun-facing hills give this light straw yellow-coloured wine an intense, yet delicate, fragrance and a slightly bitter, dry and harmonious aftertaste, reminiscent of Mediterranean herbs and typical of the wines from the Ligurian coast.

Ideal with seafood dishes.

Best served slightly chilled (10°-12°).

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